Next Stop: Unknown

So if you have been following this blog over the past several months, you will see that it has a new look. I am excited to launch it right now because it marks another milestone along this church planting journey. This Sunday we will have our third small group meeting in our home. So far, so good. Yes, there have been challenges already, but at the end of the day we are growing as a little community. The weekly gatherings have created a weekly pattern now. Deadlines are part of the weekly routine.
The future, however, remains unclear. We have a plan and we continue to create strategic goals to execute the plan. In fact, I think I will have to write a blog on strategic planning and goal setting someday. Church planting requires someone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Looking back at my experience, a business class would have been really helpful. You need a business mind at some level because business tools help anticipate the future with objective, common sense movements. But even given all the planning that is required, it is striking to me how quickly we need to shift things around. The future is so unknown, and there remains a number of significant reasons for there to be anxiety about the future. Now I am not known to be a worrier, and even now I am not sitting here all consumed in worry. I am an optimist and I feed off the good and exciting things that are happening. I guess my point is that a tension exists between the comfort in planning and the unknown obstacles ahead.
Yet this website remains a milestone of the exciting present we are in. Gathering in our home and doing communion right in our living room is just wonderful. We are grateful for that delicate and precious moment. We have a great team of musicians and a unique group of talented people worshipping with us. God has been so good.
Does your mind dance between the comforts of planning ahead and the fear of the unknown obstacles? If so, where do you find solace? I find it in this statement right before I serve communion:
Take eat/drink, remember, and believe that the Lord Jesus Christ gave his life/shed his blood for the complete forgiveness of all our sins. It’s true, you know.