Ten-Year Plan


Earlier this past week a new friend treated me to lunch and asked the question: what would Resurrection Life Church look like in ten years? I was going to respond with an email just to him, but then I thought I would blog about it so others can listen in on what a ten-year vision looks like for Resurrection Life Church.

We start with the vision statement: a family of God drawn to Jesus, challenged by his message, and released as missionaries to southwest Wake County. I’ll break it down in parts, but I’ll do so going backwards through the vision statement:

... Released to southwest Wake County.

- In ten years, members of Resurrection Life Church will self-identity as Kingdom Minded Missionaries. The core leadership has been trained to train and equip their members to learn and discern how as Christian their primary identity is ‘missionary’ and that their primary role is to make disciples. As missionaries, members understand that their faith intersect all of life. Kingdom Minded Missionaries think “Christ is always and everywhere my King” which enables them to live under the authority of Jesus as students, as single or married, as parents, or as employees. Kingdom Minded Missionaries means members think of themselves as citizens in a counter-cultural Kingdom where the Fruit of the Spirit grow in their hearts everyday.

- Because this community is constantly releasing their members out into this world, the leadership will think through how to do that. That means that Resurrection Life will be participating and supporting church planting all the while collaborating with other like-minded churches to fulfill the goal of releasing Kingdom Minded Missionaries.

- Because this community is constantly releasing their members, programming will have to empower and equip members to do that.

- In ten years, Resurrection Life will have
  • Launched one other church,
  • Regular small groups within neighborhoods teaching others the fundamentals of Christianity,
  • Dedicated prayer for protection, power, and courage,
  • Dedicated time to commission members during weekly gatherings,Supported missionaries around the globe.

...Challenged by Jesus...
In ten years, members of Resurrection Life Church know that they are called to daily deny themselves in order to follow Jesus. Idols lurk around every corner and clutter our thoughts and inner throne. A community challenged by Jesus allows the Holy Spirit to speak into their daily struggles. This will remain a broken community because they are people, however, it is a community willing to be challenged by God’s Word.

- Every program, every meeting, and every gathering furthers the goal make disciples.

- The worship gathering will weekly challenge folks to deny themselves in ways that will free them. The whole worship service will revolved around the vision- be drawn to Jesus, to be challenged through his Word, and to be equipped to be released (see last blog). This process will weekly remind us that we have resurrection life today that frees us to be Kingdom Minded Missionaries in every sphere of life.

- In ten years, Resurrection Life will have
  • Robust discipleship multiplication training that helps members learn to deny themselves in order to learn how to rise with Jesus,
  • Challenging sermons that connect faith and life,
  • Kingdom Minded Missionaries who know how to challenge the temptations and idols in the hearts of others.
  • A weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper that gives us strength, joy, and hope for the week ahead.

Drawn to Jesus
In short, if Kingdom Minded Missionaries are being weekly sent, then other rich, young, rulers from southwest Wake County will also be drawn to Jesus. But there is no one target. Kingdom Minded Missionaries will learn how to contextualize their faith in order to show the love of Jesus to all types of people. Kingdom Minded Missionaries will show a type of sacrificial love that draws neighbors or coworkers to want that type of life., resurrection life.

- In ten years, Resurrection Life will have:
  • Refreshing, reforming, and moving weekly worship experience,
  • Emphasized the importance of local living, getting to know your neighbors,
  • Prayed regularly that God puts people in our lives for the purpose of extending God’s grace,
  • Innovative faith-forming children’s programming,
  • Kingdom Minded Missionaries who love Jesus and show his love,
  • Programs for needs that arise in our community.
  • A Family of God
- Southwest Wake County is made up of a lot of commuters. People are coming and going all over the place. They are working here and there and everywhere throughout the triangle area. A need is clearly evident for these commuters to find a local community that fills in the innate desire for human-to-human contact. In ten years, my prayer is that members of Resurrection Life love one another deeply. A family that lifts one another up, encourages one another, serves one another, and prays for one another. This family is tied together by Jesus’ blood, and so the Resurrection Life will reflect the type of diversity that exists in Jesus’ body. This family cuts through generational, sociological, racial, economical, and ethnic divides because it is a reflection of the biblical vision of the family of God.

- In ten years, Resurrection Life will have:
  • Grown to large weekly Gatherings,
  • Diverse, trained, and wise leadership,
  • Collaborative relationships with other churches that unite together to show the world the church’s unity,
  • Mentored each teen in such a way that they will be equipped with transformational faith as they graduate from high school.
  • Baptized many new Christians.

At the end of the day, this vision of what could be is 100% dependent on the Holy Spirit. It was not Peter’s Pentecost sermon that was so amazing. No, the Holy Spirit descended upon the church and gave it life, breathe, and fire! I will daily work towards the goal of seeing a community routinely drawn, challenged, and released, but in that process I have to routinely deny myself. So now for a parting question: do you think all Christians should self-identify as Kingdom Minded Missionaries? If you are a Christian, what does that look like for you today? In ten years? If you are not a Christian, I believe that the real Jesus wants you to be drawn to him too. Be drawn. Be challenged.