The Blue Psalter Hymnal


This morning I left the house just before 7:00am to hit a community garage sale nearby. As I check out one particular garage sale, my eyes are immediately drawn to a type of font printed on the outside of a book. It sat among a collection of other books on the ground amongst many other items for sale. But what immediately catches my eye is that font! I have seen this font my whole life. As I child in church, I drew pictures with this font peeking through the piece of paper. The title of this book was “Psalter Hymnal.” The Christian Reformed Church has gone through a number of different generational hymnbooks, each one identified most easily by its color. I sat in church with the blue Psalter Hymnal staring at me from 3-7, and there it is sitting at a garage sale in Raleigh, NC!

So I pick up the book and I say, “I grew up singing out of this book!” The person selling the book responded the same, “I grew up singing out of this book too!” That led to a very fun conversation about how we are connected through the Christian Reformed Church. It didn’t take long to find out that he was good friends with a guy who would later become my sweet mate at Calvin College in Grand Rapids. It’s a small world after all.

The reason I bring up this story is because it illustrates how relationships get started. In this case, we exchanged numbers so we can get together to see if he could connect me with other people in the area we are planting in southwest Wake County. Getting out and about like going to garage sales opens doors and opportunities to connect with all sorts of people. Another example is garage saling two week ago where I told a guy I was Canadian and was promptly invited to join his ball hockey team. This is all to say, although we are gearing up towards a gathering and worshipping with a group of people in the fall, we will remain in this networking stage for some time. It’s a stage I particularly enjoy, and it’s a stage that never really ends.

The question I think is helpful for all of us to reflect on is this: can we be more available to be more relational through the more spontaneous events throughout the day? Keep looking for those Blue Psalter Hymnal opportunities!