On Route to Vacation

Pilot Mountain is one of those amazing geological milesstones as we make our way out of North Carolina.

Passed a truck today in West Virginia... from Prince Edward Island!

It’s been a long day of driving, and I am now clean and cozy behind my computer at a Hampton Inn somewhere just outside of Pittsburgh. We are on route to Drayton. Vacation as a church planter is a bit of a hybrid experience, so I will be preaching at Drayton Reformed Church this coming Sunday. Looking very much forward to seeing folks from this church again. Last year I preached at their annual outdoor service and got to play baseball afterwards. With a week that is nearing its end, I thought I would simply include a snippet of the sermon I am planning to preach with hopes that it can serve as an encouragement to you wherever you are right now:

Paul once wrote to a bunch of broken Christians in Corinth: “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Sprit who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” [I Corinthians 6:19]. Paul is reminding fellow members of Christ’s Body: Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you!? In other words, if our bodies move, so goes the Holy Spirit. You are tabernacled by the Holy Spirit, and as such you bring God’s presence to your business, to your farm, to your family, to your neighbour, to your friend, to one another.

When you look at church history, we see this trend of the church trying to contain Jesus’ presence. The church has had the tendency to put up protective layers around Jesus, thereby making Jesus inaccessible. We pronounce times, people, places and things as holier than your bedroom. Yes, there were good people. Yes, there are special places. But where you stand, where your body is, now that’s holy!

The challenge for us is to stop thinking that there is a separation between the physical and the spiritual. We need to use our brains here. Because we aren’t our own, and we have been tabernacled, that will affect how we conduct business, what movies to watch, where we go on a Saturday night, how we view money, or alcohol, or women.

See, the body God has given to you matters. What you do with it from Monday to Saturday matters. Going to church on Sunday doesn’t make you holy, being tabernacled by the Spirit does. The Spirit doesn’t leave. Old Testament Jews had no word for secular, because the word ‘secular’ is a modern illusion. It doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as secular music, for example, because everything permeates with some form of spirituality. See, if one’s faith isn’t vivid from Monday to Saturday, then we have to ask whether it’s valid. All life is religion, and as Christians, our bodies are no longer our own, but they have been bought.

Jesus bought them when his body stooped over and stopped pumping blood. The synapses in his brain stopped firing. His arms and feet were pierced and he dangled from nails with his wrist bones holding him up for all to see.

You want to see the price he paid to own you? It’s in the picture of the Cross.