Let me introduce my wife. Heather Asha Immanuel is her poetic maiden name. We were married July 17, 2004 in Durham, NC. We were wed by the pastor from Blacknall Presbyterian Church at First Baptist Church. Right from the get go our marriage was ecumenical. For those of you who know Heather, you will know of her loyalty to all things Southern. She embodies the charm, hospitality, kindness, and warmth of the South. She is excited to be living back down here, and I’m excited for her excitement. If you’ve met her in the past, chances are she will remember you and your old phone number. In other words, Heather is very intelligent and remembers details like a computer. For those who know me, that makes us a great match. Heather is also incredibly beautiful, and she is one of those rare cases where her beauty increases with age. She may be 33, but she looks much younger. Her southern sophistication and her selfless sensitivity makes her one incredible Dixie Belle. Finally, and most importantly, Heather loves Jesus. She wants to serve Jesus everyday, and wants to lead others to do the same. Let me introduce for you my two boys: Mark Adrian Immanuel was born March 17, 2009. I don’t think I have ever experienced someone with more energy. From the time he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep at night- it’s ‘go-time’. Yes, he has ‘Quiet Time’ every afternoon, but even that is getting louder. His energy is infectious, and his desire to play with Daddy gets me going. I get to construct train tracks, colour Micky and Minnie, play Zingo, and a million other things. We also get to read… a lot! His little learning brain absorbs things like a gigantic sponge. He also recalls things like his mother. He brings incredible joy to our family and says things that keep us laughing. Yesterday, for example, he asked if he could be excused from the supper table this way: “May I please be excuse me?” Our second boy is named Deacon Thomas. He is our 6 month old and he’s growing like a weed. At the same time, he’s quickly discovering the world around him. He’s strong. His head no longer bobs back and forth. I think he may have a quieter disposition than Mark, but it may be too early to tell. Deacon’s personality grows each day, laughing at repeated vibrations from my mouth, or from Mark singing The Horn on the ‘Guss’ goes beep, beep, beep (repeat 63x). I can’t wait to see how this little guy is going to develop over the next 6 months! I write about family because in a move, family is incredibly important. Family is the bridge that keeps you connected The amount of details it takes to move is incredible, and you need to work together to make it work. Of course, family extends. Leaving my side of the family in Ontario and in the north in general is a ‘tough pill to swallow’, but even so, we have had two separate visits from my parents and my brother Dylan and his wife Nikki already. We even got to have a birthday party on March 17th for both my dad and Mark at my in-laws place (by the way, Happy Birthday, Mom Immanuel!). And when we did first get here, we stayed at my in-laws for the first week in order to tackle, each day, the chaos of boxes in our new house.. That made the transition much easier for us, and their eagerness to help us get settled continues. In sum, our families have served as the trusses that help hold us up as we start this journey. Church planting studies show that one major indicator that helps the success of a new church plant is family support. I can see why. Having that extra support is a great source of comfort, the same source of comfort it brought us living in Ontario. In that support, we have the courage and encouragement to pursue this new chapter with confidence.

Deacon: Day 1


Our Immanuel Family

Our Knetsch Family (my apologies in advance for any family member who objects to the posting of this picture ; )