Proof spring is here

So after writing about winter for the past couple of blogs, it just makes sense that I start talking about spring. Spring has suddenly decided to arrive here, which does not quite make sense to me being that it is February. But here we are. I’m wearing shorts and a polo t-shirt on February 22

This sudden weather change is metaphorical for our life right now. Spring brings with it a flurry of lively activity, and in our season of church gathering, things are really starting to pick up. I do not have the freedom in a blog to write about all that is going on, but I have been tremendously encouraged by a number of important developments over the past few weeks. With these developments come an array of different feelings. I feel excited, encouraged, nervous, and slightly overwhelmed. In some ways things are moving too slowly, but in a growing number of other ways, things are moving too quickly. This flurry of movement means important and stressful decisions; decisions that will affect life for a while.

‘One day at a time’ is a phrase I need to keep in mind right now. One day at a time. One decision at a time. One direction at a time.

Processing big-ticket items one at a time is hard to do, and the temptation is to neglect the most important thing that guides the process: Prayer. Prayer puts the process into perspective. I will type it again (not for your sake, but for mine): prayer puts the process into perspective.

I met with a pastor from a Vineyard church this week. As he was giving me a tour of the church building, it was refreshing hearing how he introduced me to his office. It was something like, “This is my prayer room, and my desk is over there.” In hearing a part of his history, and hearing about decisions he had to make along the way, I was struck by how he seeks to listen to God. When he inquires after God about different important life issues, he waits upon the Lord for an answer.

That process of waiting upon the Lord for how to proceed with these decisions is what I am seeking to do right now. Wait. Upon. The. Lord. This waiting upon the Lord is part of what prayer is all about as I seek His wisdom and insight. I do a lot of talking when I pray, and I am growing in the area of listening.

Big-ticket items are small to Him. Prayer puts the process into perspective, and so after I write this blog, I will pray. I encourage you do the same.