South Raleigh/Apex/Fuquay-Varina

Holly Springs borders Apex, South Raleigh and Fuquay-Varina and we are observing rapid growth!  For example, let’s take Apex.  Apex, to the north of Holly Springs, experienced a 306.8% population jump from 1990 to 2000!  That is quite the growth. Fuquay-Varina, a town to the immediate south of Holly Springs had just over 4000 people in 1990.  Today it has over 18,000 people.  The southern part of Raleigh has grown by 106% since 1990.  The same type of growth is happening in Wake Forest, a booming suburb on the north end of Raleigh.  

All this growth is forcing us to determine where we should buy a home.  The big question is , “Where exactly do we plant a church?!”  How can we tap into the growth in Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina, and the southern parts of Apex and Raleigh?  Where are the demographic, geographic, and sociologic fault lines that separate communities from one another?  What current churches already exist in these areas and what church plants are being planned by other denominations?  These are all questions that we need to answer over the next few months as we continue to decipher where exactly we will require to concentrate our time, energy, and resources.

So I ask God: “Where would Jesus plant?”  I ask that question seriously.  Would He ask the same questions I am asking?  Would He be overly concerned about numbers and demographics and projected growth?  I’m not so sure he would.  He did happen to arrive at a time where there was common currency, common language, a network of roads, and relative peace in Israel despite Roman occupation.  These practical realities helped church growth for sure.  These demographical realities may have helped the growth of the Gospel, but they were not his guiding light.  Jesus obeyed the will of his Father.  He took 12 men and taught them.  Through those relationships a multiplication movement spread throughout the Greco-Roman world.  So as we continue to wrestle with the data, we wrestle with humility and submission knowing that at the end of the day, growth begins through face-to-face relationships.  We are praying that those relationships will develop and we ask that those reading these words will join us in that prayer.  

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All data is brought to you by Google, who brings it to you by the 2010 U.S. Census.