Resurrection Life

This blog is intended to introduce the name and vision of this new church plant. The name is Resurrection Life Church. There is a lot that goes into a name. Believe me, this blog could be much longer.

What is the vision of Resurrection Life?
A church family drawn to Jesus, challenged by his message, and released to southwest Wake County.

Why this vision?
Drawn to Jesus finds its roots in a story found in the Book of Mark. A rich, young ruler in the first century is drawn to a man named Jesus. He asks Jesus, "What must I do to inherit eternal life?" Jesus responds by challenging this young and powerful man to obey different laws handed down throughout their ancestry. The rich, young ruler responds with a slight swagger in his voice, "I've kept all these laws my whole life."

Jesus challenges him with a life changing choice, "You lack one thing: go, sell all that you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.”

The grip of wealth and power is too strong for this young man. He walks away from the offer to give up everything to follow Jesus. He was drawn to Jesus, challenged by his message, but left stuck to his stuff as opposed to discovering real freedom following Jesus.

In another story, Jesus meets a woman across enemy lines at an ancient water well. Jesus is a Jew. She is a Samaritan. The two ethnic groups do not get along in the first century. But Jesus strikes up a conversation with this woman. Jesus reveals to her that he knows she has been married five times, and the man she is living with right now is not her husband. She draws water shocked by the fact that Jesus knows these facts about her. She concludes that Jesus is a prophet. Jesus ends the conversation sharing that he's not merely a prophet, he's the Christ! He's the one the Jews, Samaritans, and every other ethnic group on the planet has been waiting for!

The difference between the rich, young, ruler and this Samaritan woman is cosmic. The Samaritan woman does not leave stuck in her sin. Instead, she's changed on the spot and becomes a missionary to her family and friends back home. She's released with this Good News that the Messiah has come, and he's come to change everything about us! The resurrected life the young ruler was looking for isn't found in obeying laws. It's not found in being bound to lots of stuff, to youth, to power. The Resurrected Life can be experienced in this life when we follow Jesus.

It's about being drawn to Jesus, challenged and changed in order to be released as missionaries too.

Jesus made it possible for modern day rich, young, ruling men and women to live Resurrection Life. He has freed Samaritan women and men to live the Resurrection Life. How? Jesus chose to give up his life for us. Through his death on the cross by Roman crucifixion, Jesus surrendered his life so that we can receive eternal life. True freedom is found when we live for Jesus and follow him. We follow him and learn from Jesus' example to give up our own brokenness, wealth, power, prestige, and our own modern day idols for his sake. Being drawn to Jesus isn't enough. We need to experience the freedom found in his challenge to follow Jesus so that we can be released to share the good news of our Risen King named Jesus. When you experience Resurrection Life, you experience true freedom and true purpose.

So what is the resurrected life? It's surrendering everything for the sake of others- especially the poor- in order to follow Jesus.

So come, be drawn to Jesus, be challenged by his message, and be released with resurrection life into southwest Wake County.