I am writing this blog in an airport in Baltimore. In an hour I will be boarding a plane to Buffalo. I'm heading to Canada to make some connections with folks in Hamilton as well as preach in my home town of Drayton. I have been anticipating this trip as it is always exciting visiting my hometown with friends and family here in Ontario. However, as I make this trip and continue to develop ministry partners, I arrive during a very difficult time for the Christian Reformed community. We have received word that the search for Tim Bosma is over. He was last seen alive driving away with two men whom he assumed were interested in purchasing his 3500 Dodge Ram truck. A week after he went into that truck for a test drive, this loving husband, father and disciple of Christ has been confirmed dead. He was a brother in Christ and a contributing member of the Ancaster Christian Reformed Church. For those of you who know anything about the CRC, that means that Tim is connected to a tight church community/family. Although I have never met him, he feels very much like a brother. As I read Facebook messages and read the endless articles online, it is amazing how many people who did know him personally feel this instant connection and intimacy to this tragedy. I am the same age as Tim, a husband, a father, and a life before me. This anxious knot in my stomach is there not only because he is a fellow CRC brother, but also because what happened to Tim could have happened to anyone. The injustice, evil, cruelty, and pain the family and so many others feel right now isn't fair. God, it isn't fair! So as I travel and enter into a grieving community, I do so with a heavy heart. I do pray, ' Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus, come!' We continue to pray for the Bosma family. May the Lord give them a transcendent peace at this time that cannot be humanly explained. May the witness of your people be seen by the world and in so doing, may this world come to know a God who came to live in our context of suffering. May our world see Jesus who experienced the same unjust death as Tim. Jesus is the one who we turn to because His act on the Cross is the only thing that can make any sense during these dark times. We do not put our trust in a distant deity, we believe He experienced death Himself in Jesus Christ so that death will not be the final word. Until then, we point to Jesus and Him crucified.