"Okay, Blue Jays, let's play ball!"

Love this song!

I admit, sometimes I get homesick. To be clear, I am a loving husband to a beautiful wife. I have three amazing kids and our home is located near the border of Apex and Holly Springs, North Carolina. I live, work, and love my house, a place that feels more like home every day. I love this area. I know why Heather is so proud of it! Even given my current place and calling, when I see Facebook pictures of Ontario- yes, even the ones filled with snow and ice- I do miss that form of familiarity. I miss my family sprinkled throughout Illinois, Michigan, and Ontario, as well as close friends sprinkled across the continent.

One important piece of familiarity is the Toronto Blue Jays. Those of you who know me know I am an avid Blue Jays fan. I follow the team closely and gobble up articles online to keep me posted with the latest updates. My wife calls it ‘man gossip’. Yes, I do realize that one can be too much of a fan, but this blog is not intended to be a confessional. My point for now is that being a Blue Jays fan in North Carolina is yet another reminder that I am in a different place. When I tell people I cheer for the Blue Jays, sometimes I wonder if people just think it’s cute. It’s not cute. I do coach one girl in gymnastics who loves the Blue Jays, so it’s great to hear her all excited about the team. But we are outnumbered by far. Yankees and Red Sox fans are here, especially in southwest Wake County! Being surrounded by them is not always easy because one quickly finds out that they are actually really nice and caring people. In addition, Boston fans can be incredible generous too!

One family who attends our church are huge baseball fans and cheer, with pride and vigour, for the Red Sox. Yes, we are able to get past those differences. Not only have we gotten past those differences, this family has invited me to fly up to Boston with them to watch a Red Sox vs. Blue Jays game! When they first offered it, I was like, “What, are you serious!? They were and are serious. I can’t wait.

Then last week I get this email from family living in Washington DC. They asked if I would like to see a Blue Jays vs. Washington Nationals game this coming baseball season. The tickets are booked for June. I will be watching more Jays games this year in North Carolina then I typically did living in Hamilton!

I am not one to say, “God is doing this because of a, b, and c,” but my gut tells me that these two generous gifts are reminders that the Lord provides. These two games will be boosts of adrenaline for my extraverted self. It will be good to know Jerry Howarth, the voice of the Blue Jays since 1981, will be up in the radio booth. God knows I need the little things sometimes, and these two gifts are reminders that God knows what He’s doing, He never leaves us or forsakes us, and that His presence is always near. Do you experience God’s nearness on a daily basis?