Now to Gathering

Yesterday my parents flew in from Toronto. I just picked up my brother Brad, Christy, and their boy Isaiah at the airport this evening. Brad is preaching at the commissioning service tomorrow morning at First Reformed Church. My mother and father-in-law printed prayer cards for this new ministry to be handed out tomorrow before the service. They, along with other friends and family, will be attending First Reformed tomorrow as well. I am putting the final touches on the new ministry's website.  A logo for this new church has been created, and only colours in that logo need to be finalized. A name is chosen for the church, along with a vision statement, a mission statement, and 7 value statements.  

Tomorrow’s commissioning service at First Reformed is the final official event of this preparation chapter. 

Mentally preparing for this service is like preparing for a wedding.  Although I haven’t really done a lot of preparing for the service itself, I have been part of all the other stuff. All the other stuff involves trying to get all the ducks in a row for the new church plant before tomorrow’s service so that I can hit the ground running hard heading into the gathering stage.

As this chapter of preparation closes this weekend, please pray for this gathering chapter. I’m actually a little scarred. This next chapter is already proving to be much more difficult. One has control over computer buttons, printing material, etc. One does not have control over people.  God alone has the power to change people, and we simply need to submit to His movement as we seek to multiply disciples.

If you regularly pray for this ministry, please pray the Lord of the harvest will provide for this ministry.  Please pray that the Lord will give us patience, diligence, wisdom, and motivation to keep pursuing the lost, dechurched, and core leaders dispute results.