Winter was my favorite season growing up. The first snowfall felt like the joy of the Jays winning the World Series. Snow represented the joy of snowmobiling, sledding, a frozen river, hockey, and snowboarding. It also brings cold, which becomes a bother over time. I will be honest, I do not miss putting gas in the car with arctic wind blaring in my face.

This past week we got to experience joy over the first snowfall of the year. It was a neat and refreshing experience for me. I was thankful for a few inches of snow that stuck for a few days. We went sledding and had a true snow day. School has been out since Tuesday. What makes North Carolina snow days so necessary is that there are not the tools here to get rid of the snow off the roads quickly. There are not huge mounds of sand and salt at the ready for large trucks to sprinkle on every road. The road conditions are treacherous due to the ice hiding here and there and everywhere. We also got some really cold temperature. I have to be careful here as I know some of you have experienced genuine arctic temperatures, but it did get cold enough that our pipes froze over night and we spent a morning with blow dryers trying to resolve the issue. The moment water gushed out of our kitchen facet was glorious indeed.

All that being said, we got to experience the type of winter I am more familiar with this past week. I am thankful to God for it. It certainly put a wrench into some things I had planned, just as it did for 100% of North Carolinians, but I am thankful for a joyous snowfall that made drinking hot chocolate a real and warm experience.

This blog post is important because moving to a new area creates many firsts. This is my first winter here, and after almost a year of living here already, a snowfall that blankets the ground in white is a reminder of the Lord’s faithfulness. God is with us. God is here. God is in control. God is present. God is steady and consistent. God is forgiving and pure and the source of joy.

What ways do you experience God’s faithfulness and presence?

Getting ready to go sledding!

Deacon in his warm snowsuit. He loved it out there.