Mid-Year Reflection

Bible Study
July 1st marked Canada’s Birthday and it also marked the half waypoint of 2014. I thought I would take some time in this week’s blog to reflect on two major developments over the past few months. At the beginning of the year we were eager to do something ministry related. This is a tricky thing when you do not know a lot of people. Still, we were eager and so we decided to host a Bible study in our home. We prayed, planned, and invited folks we knew to study the Gospel of Mark together using the curriculum from Christianity Explored. The goal is that Christianity Explored, and the follow-up program called Discipleship Explored will provide inquirers or new believers a fundamental understanding of Christianity. This Bible study served two main purposes. First, it allowed us to get to know some friends on a deeper level. Nothing like eating and studying the Bible together to enhance relationships. Second, it gave Heather and I an opportunity to go through this curriculum together in order to get comfortable with leading more of them and training others to lead them in the future.

The second major development is the ways we are working towards a leadership team/core. The beginning stages of this process are slow because nurturing tried, true, and authentic relationships take time. But God has been so good and we are thrilled with some of the people He is putting into our path. Creating a leadership team is important to do right. We are looking for folks with specific gifts who are wired and talented in different ways than I am. We also have enough people to put together a worship/music team. Those who know me know how important music is to me and how much I love playing it. I miss playing guitar on a regular basis as well, so I look forward to our first worship casting meeting/jam session!

These two developments are key in how Resurrection Life is coming to life. A few puzzle pieces have to fall into place yet before we have our first monthly worship service on October 5, but we are getting there. One puzzle piece, for example, is a place to gather for this worship time in the area we are seeking to plant. It is striking to me how difficult it is to find a place. The new buildings in this area like to protect themselves from ‘church going vandals’, I guess. One person told me this past week, “We don’t rent to churches. They take up all the good parking during peek times and you wouldn’t be able to afford us anyway.” It was a short phone conversation.

For those of us following our journey, thanks for your ongoing curiosity and support. Through all these developments, we trust that the Lord is in charge every step of the way. It is a daily act of faith, but we do pray for courage and success as we move in His direction.