Soutwest Wake County

Back in April, I wrote the following in the blog entitled South Raleigh/Apex/Fuquay-Varina:
Holly Springs borders Apex, South Raleigh and Fuquay-Varina and we are observing rapid growth!  For example, let’s take Apex.  Apex, to the north of Holly Springs, experienced a 306.8% population jump from 1990 to 2000!  That is quite the growth. Fuquay-Varina, a town to the immediate south of Holly Springs had just over 4000 people in 1990.  Today it has over 18,000 people.  The southern part of Raleigh has grown by 106% since 1990.

Connected to all this is the town of Cary as well where I currently use office space at First Reformed Church of Cary. In 1990, Cary had a population of 45,500. Today it has more than 140,000. The more time we spend time in Southwest Wake County, the more it is clear how interdependent they are with one another. For example, the kids I coach at Holly Springs Sonshine Gymnastics are from all over neighbouring towns. Sure there are kids from Holly Springs, but there are also kids from all over Southwest Wake County. For those reading from Ontario, it would be similar to Dundas, Waterdown, and Ancaster, Ontario- without a huge wall of rock dividing them. It’s one big web. In fact, the city limits are not even defined yet. There’s talk right now between the towns of Apex and Holly Springs that would create a massive change for both towns. Currently Apex ‘owns’ everything south of Highway 1, however, the moment you drive south of Highway 1, you feel more connected to Holly Springs. The reason why Apex is open to the idea of lending land to Holly Spring is because Holly Springs has a huge water supply that Apex could tap into being that they are short on water. Holly Springs is a fitting name indeed.

This growing web creates a huge community. The one thing that is increasingly becoming clear is that we need to take advantage of the current gifts God is giving us in Southwest Wake County. I have a fantastic office to use in Cary, and God has placed me in that office for a reason. I also have a fantastic job coaching gymnastics 8 hours a week in Holly Springs. I am meeting parents and kids from all over the place. The hope is that these connections will eventually translate into a thriving worship community where people come and experience the joy of salvation we have in Jesus Christ.

All in all, please pray that God will continue to open doors and opportunities in Southwest Wake County to connect with more and more people. We are not sure where this is all going to lead- other than the hope that it will lead to a congregation, of course. Still, we daily pray for guidance and direction.

During this time of clarity, there are also significant questions regarding where this plant is sprouting. As we continue to seek clarity, please continue to pray for us. God is opening doors to connect with folks, but it’s slow and now that the residency is over there is a sense of urgency that did not exist in August. Please pray that we will have the patience to wait on Him for ongoing/daily direction.

2013-10-14. Holly Springs

2013-10-14. Cary

2013-10-14. Apex
Thank you, Google Maps.