I Will Rise

In about 2 hours, I will be helping to conduct a funeral for the nephew of my mother-in-law. Like Big Jake a week and a half earlier, Jamie Thomas passed away suddenly with a massive stroke. Jamie was just 43. Although I did not know Jamie, those I know well and love are grieving this shock. The Bible asks the question, “Where, O Death, is your sting?” To understand this question, you need a wide angle lens. This questions forces us to have a long-term perspective on death for those in Christ, because in the here and now, it sure has a bite.

So I am simply posting a video created by Jake’s daughter, a video that points to this long-term perspective. May it give encouragement to you wherever you may be at this day.

Jake Hiemstra - Remembering Big Jake from Kendra Bakker on Vimeo.