Weekly Gatherings

Weekly gatherings. These are two words I have been thinking and praying about for a long time. Starting October 12, the goal is to have weekly small group meetings in our home. The goal is to put into practice our vision of being a family of God drawn to Jesus, challenged by his message, and released out as missionaries. So we will have a small family of about 10 adults and 5 children. That number may grow as we gear up to October 12, but we shall see and keep praying. The group is an intentionally one made up of Christians with leadership ability and talent who can give shape to a public launch starting in January.

Church planting requires flexibility. The original goal was to meet on October 5 in our house. However, Christ the King Presbyterian Church would like to commission the team first and October 5 works best for them. So we are now gearing up to the logistics of meeting in our home. We have had two worship team practices thus far, and there’s another team working on planning the details of our morning together. How should we be caring and ministering to our children? What should we eat and how should we do it? What does the actual worship experience look like? How does the liturgy fit within the context of our own living room?

So our weekly small group worship gatherings will be launching softly on October 12. We will keep it small and grow slowly. We hope the Spirit will draw others in, that the Spirit will convict us with Christ’s message, and to wisely, lovingly, gently, passionately, mercifully, and contextually go as missionaries. Please join us in this prayer, and if you are a Christian, may you continue to discover how to reach our world effectively.