Be Thou Our Vision

This past week marked the very first official meeting for Resurrection Life Church. Four of us gathered for a worship team practice in the fellowship hall of First Reformed Church of Cary during a tremendously active thunderstorm this past Tuesday. We sang towards the heavens in worship while the heavens boomed and poured rain downwards. I told the group that I was a little nervous, so I did what I always do when I am nervous leading a group. I talk. Fortunately the group was made up of gracious listeners, and in the end it was important to talk through the worship vision of Resurrection Life Church.
We sang a collection of songs from an array of ages and styles. The very first song we sang was a prayer. I chose this hymn intentionally to set the context for the evening and for all future planning for worship. Anything we plan for the future needs to fit in line with God’s vision. Being a visionary church planter is emphasized in the church planting world. You have to set the direction. Be confident in that direction. Look to the future and what do you see. These sentiments are all instructive. In fact, I spent a significant amount of time praying and reflecting on a vision statement last year. It’s created, and I am actually surprised that I am still sold on it. It goes like this:
Resurrection Life Church is a family of God drawn to Jesus, challenged by his message, and released as missionaries. But having a vision statement is one thing, trusting that the Lord will be in the drivers seat for each inch of the journey ahead is another thing. That’s why we need to continue to pray that the Lord himself will be our vision. That the Holy Spirit will be the One pushing prodding, and punching our insides to follow Jesus into God’s preferred future.
The first song we sang on Tuesday night was
Be Thou My Vision. The music’s elegance and beauty bonds perfectly with the deep and profound lyrics.
Are you letting God be your vision? Do you have a set time in the day to ask Him to be your vision?