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January 9th, 2022: Captivated by the King… To Disciple

Speaker: Mark Knetsch


Passage: Matthew 28:16-20


This Sunday we begin Part II of our Captivated by the King series. Part II deals with the second part of our mission statement: We are captivated by the King, so our mission is to make disciples who discover the joy of belonging to Jesus. Last fall we focused on Jesus as the King, the Kingdom, and the overarching theme of Kingdom throughout Scripture. Because all authority has been given to Jesus the King, we are called now to a mission: To make disciples (or, as we will talk about more this Sunday, to disciplize). We will be unpacking Matthew 28:16-20 in depth, so bring your thinking caps on as we dissect these all-important and all-encompassing words on Sunday.

January 2nd, 2022: New Year’s Service: Leaning on God's Plan for 2022

Speaker: Mark Knetsch


Passage: Luke 2: 41-52


The first Sunday of the year is always a pleasure to preach in order to set the right tone and foundation. So this Sunday will be a one-off sermon focusing on Jesus already as a 12-year-old boy. In this story, Jesus stays in Jerusalem hanging out with religious leaders while his family leave back home to Nazareth. It’s a wonderfully human story about love and confusion, and I look forward to focusing on how important it is to trust in the Lord as we launch into 2022.

December 26th, 2021: Advent: When the Wait is Over

Speaker: Mark Knetsch


For our Christmas service—our last one for the year—I want to encourage you to take the time to think and reflect on 2021 and to consider sharing that reflection with Resife on Sunday:

  • Do you have any stories of God's provision for 2021? 
  • Is there a word of encouragement you could share with ResLife was wind down the year?
  • If you are not going to be there on Sunday, do you have a story you could email me that I could share with others?

December 19th, 2021: Advent: Waiting without Fear

Speaker: Mark Knetsch


Passage: Matthew 1:18-21; Luke 1:26-33


We kicked off Advent with a general overview of waiting for the Lord from Psalm 40. Two weeks ago we focused on the theme Waiting without Hurry. Last week we focused on Waiting without Worry. We conclude this Avent theme of waiting with Waiting without Fear. There exists an interconnectedness between hurry, worry, and fear, but they do often dictate how we operate in ways God did not intend for our lives. As we wait for the King's arrival, the challenge is to consider how our hurry, worry, and fear can erode, and what's revealed is discipleship, peace, and comfort.

December 12th, 2021: Advent: Waiting without Worry

Speaker: Mark Knetsch


Passage: Matthew 6:25-34


Last week’s theme was Waiting without Hurry. This week it’s Waiting without Worry. Hurry and worry often times intersect, and so in this season of advent, it’s important to consider how to grow in trusting the Lord for your daily provisions. Jesus challenges us to stop worrying, a challenge many of us struggle with, so the intent is that the Holy Spirit will help us all grow in trusting in the Lord with our whole heart, and not lean into our own understanding (Proverb 3:5).

December 5th, 2021: Advent: Waiting without Hurry

Speaker: Mark Knetsch


Passage: Luke 10:38-42


So it’s not the typical Advent sermon focus, but it’s a powerful passage that speaks into this very busy season. Luke 10:38-41 records the story of Jesus visiting Martha and Mary. In the hurry of hospitality, Martha forgets the one thing that needed. What is that one thing that’s needed? I’m glad you asked, and you’ll have to wait until Sunday to hear the answer!

November 28th, 2021: Advent: Waiting… and Waiting

Speaker: Mark Knetsch


Passage: Psalm 40


This Sunday also marks the beginning of Advent. This year’s theme for Advent is Waiting. We begin by focusing on Psalm 40, which begins with these famous words, “I waited patiently for the Lord.”  The church has been waiting for a very long time for Jesus’ return. As we continue to wait, impatience can set in. Doubt can linger and sin can fester. As we talk through the challenges of waiting for the Lord in this year’s Advent series, I pray that the Holy Spirit will embolden our hope and give us a sense of certainty for the great return of the King.

November 21st, 2021: Captivated by the King: Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Speaker: Mark Knetsch


Passage: I Timothy 6:11-16


This weekend’s message focuses on powerful commissioning verses Paul gives to his young pastoral protege named Timothy.  Paul commands Timothy to flee, fight and fasten, and we will unpack what these three mean, particularly as it applies to Danta Covington’s call at Higher Calling CRC.


This Sunday will be a unique one for ResLife. We will be hosting Terra Ceia CRC as well as Smithfield CRC at Apex Middle School. After the ordination service, we are invited to Higher Calling CRC for lunch!

November 14th, 2021: Captivated by the King: King of Ages

Speaker: Mark Knetsch


Passage: I Timothy 1:12-17


This Sunday we focus on I Timothy 1:12-17, a fascinating passage where Paul shares a personal testimony of how far-reaching the grace of the Lord was for Paul’s salvation. His response to salvation is remarkable as he breaks out in a beautiful word of praise in verse 17. It’s in this doxology that he proclaims God is the King of Ages. This connection between salvation and kingship is necessary for Christians to link together.

November 7th, 2021: Captivated by the King: A King from Another Realm III

Speaker: Jackson Shepard


Passage: John 19:1-11


This Sunday we welcome to our pulpit Jackson Shephard, a member of Redeemer Church of Fuquay-Varina. Jackson is pursuing church planting, and after getting to know Jackson, I’m excited for y’all to hear his message. He has graciously agreed to continue our sermon series, continuing where we left off this past weekend. He will be preaching on John 19:1-11.

October 31st, 2021: Captivated by the King: A King from Another Realm II

Speaker: Pastor Mark Knetsch


Passage: John 18:33-44


This Sunday’s message focuses on a fascination discussion between Jesus and Pontius Pilate during Jesus’ trial before his execution. This discussion including a conversation about a “kingdom not from this world.” What does Jesus mean when he says that he is a king from another kingdom, and what does it mean that this kingdom is not from this world?  We will be exploring more about what Jesus meant and how to apply the ethic of Christ’s Kingdom when we face trials and temptation.

October 24th, 2021: Captivated by the King: A King from Another Realm

Speaker: Pastor Mark Knetsch


Passage: Matthew 21:1-11


This Sunday we continue our series through Captivated by the King by focusing on the Triumphal Entry.  Our passage parallels last week’s story of the Magi in a number of ways: an entrance into the city of Jerusalem, Old Testament prophecy, a city-wide shake-up, and another looming question about Jesus’ Kingship. This Sunday we will be asking, “Who is this?” It’s imperative we get the answer to that question right, where we are shaped by who Jesus is rather than us giving shape to who he is.

October 17th, 2021: Captivated by the King: A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Speaker: Pastor Mark Knetsch


Passage: Matthew 2:1-12


This Sunday we embark on a new adventure. Plenty of planning led up to this point, and I am thrilled that ResLife is surrounded by such stellar and talented individuals who are stepping up to the plate to lead the charge. May the Lord bless this decision by drawing deeper together in faith and by growing broader in Gospel influence!

October 10th, 2021: God WILL Give you More Than You Can Handle!

Speaker: Pastor Tom Cox


Passage: II Corinthians 1:8-11


This Sunday marks the last planned service we have at Grace Church of Cary. We will be welcoming back to our ‘pulpit’ Pastor Tom Cox. Tom preached for us a few weeks ago and is eager to preach the word for us once again. He will be preaching on 2 Corinthians 1:8-11 with the title God WILL Give You More Than You Can Handle!

October 3rd, 2021: Captivated by the King: A Divine Dynasty

Speaker: Pastor Mark Knetsch


Passage: II Samuel 7:1-17


This Sunday we continue our series called Captivated by the King by focusing on a dynasty set up by God himself. We have the opportunity to read one of the most significant chapters of the entire Bible: II Samual 7:1-17. I have referenced it many times because describes the eternal covenant God made with King David. But it’s a tricky covenant to fully understand. The promise was that a ruler would always reign from the line of David. A dynasty was promised, but yet 400 years, with the fall of Israel, that dynasty appeared to end! The Old Testament ends with this paramount question: Did God forget about His promise?  Come this Sunday to discover how God didn’t ultimately forget, and how in life it can be difficult to fully comprehend God’s promises to us given our current struggles.

September 26, 2021: Captivated by the King: Let Us Marvel

Speaker: Pastor Mark Knetsch


Passage: Genesis 1 and Romans 1:18-25


We have a large amount of scripture reading ahead for us this Sunday. We will be focusing on Genesis 1 and Romans 1:18-25, two passages that focus on creation. In Genesis 1, we read about how God created. In Romans 1:18-25, we discover how humanity made what was created god. Did you get that? We made what which God made good into god. This human habit reveals the thirst for meaning and purpose, but each attempt will fall flat without the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. So this Sunday we will spend some time marveling over the wonders of creation and all that which the King spoke into being. Our response is to be captivated by our Creative King before we are captivated by creation. Creation’s beauty comes in the context of our Creator King.

September 19, 2021: Captivated by the King: Take II

Speaker: Pastor Mark Knetsch

Passage: Romans 6:1-6

Never have I ever preached from the same passage two weeks in a row, but that is about to change this weekend. On Monday, I woke up and realized that I need to go back to Romans 1:1-6 and better communicate how it gives shape to our mission statement. Some of the context will be similar, much of it will be different. It’s a passage so rich in content, we could spend several weeks just on these short 6 verses. Romans :1-6 beautifully introduce the most importantly theological treatise in the history of Christendom, and my prayer is that I will better communicate its depth and better apply it to our lives.

September 5, 2021: Fig Tree Fellowship

Speaker: Pastor Tom Cox

Passage: Micah 4:1-5Zechariah 3:6Luke 13:6

On this Labor Day weekend we invite Pastor Tom Cox to our pulpit at Grace Church. He will be preaching focusing on “Fig Tree Fellowship” from three Bible passages.

August 29, 2021: View from a Mountain

Speaker: Pastor Mark Knetsch


Passage: Passages from Deuteronomy


This Sunday will be marking an exciting new transition for us as a church. I have been doing significant thinking, reflecting, and prayer for our church the past few weeks, and we have been working on a new mission statement for us. Up to this point, our mission statement has been stated: We are a Family of God, drawn to Jesus, challenged, by his message, and released as missionaries. 

Recently, however, I have been convicted more with what we are called to be doing more specifically and tying our mission statement to the name of our church. So, this Sunday we will be rolling out our new mission statement. Rather than reveal what that is in an email, I’d love to share it from the pulpit in real time. So this Sunday will be a one-off preaching focus called ‘View from the Mountain’ as we take a look at who we are and what we are called to be doing from a 10,000 foot level.

August 22, 2021: Love Letter Wrap Up

Speaker: Pastor Mark Knetsch

Passage: 1 John 5:13-21

This Sunday’s message marks the final Sunday of our summer series called “Love in Motion.”  The passage is yet another complicated one, but with a little bit of work and patience, the message of I John 5:13-21 produces a tremendous amount of hope and confidence. Especially in a day and age when there is much uncertainty, division, and conflict, the Christian can cry out, “If God is for us, who can be against us!” (Romans 8:31).

August 15, 2021: Three Witnesses

Speaker: Pastor Mark Knetsch

Passage: 1 John 5:6-12

Sunday we have our penultimate sermon on our summer series called Love in Motion. Sunday we focus on three God-given witnesses that point to who Jesus is: water, blood, and the Spirit. We will be unpacking what (and who) these witnesses mean and what they have to say about Jesus. It’s a fairly complicated passage, but I do believe it challenges us on how we understand who Jesus is as the Son of God.

August 8, 2021: Love in Obedience!

Speaker: Pastor Mark Knetsch

Passage: 1 John 5:1-5

We have only three weeks left in our summer series called Love in Motion. I John may be a shorter book, but it carries with it a powerful punch. This Sunday’s passage, I John 5:1-5, is no exception. We will be unpacking the connection John makes between God’s gracious love and His command to obey him. Love is supposed to be a freeing experience while obedience feels like a limiting experience. As we uncover how to live with boundaries this Sunday, may the Holy Spirit use it to give shape to your spiritual life as we are called to grow in Christ.

August 1, 2021: Love, Ya'll!

Speaker: Pastor Mark Knetsch

Passage: 1 John 4:7-21

We’re back! After what has been a very unique July, I’m glad to back this Sunday to deliver God’s Word on I John 4:7-21. What encouraging verses to come back to!  It’s all about love, and I am looking forward to unpacking these verses for you once again. 

July 25, 2021: The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Speaker: Danny Yancey


Passage: 1 John 4:1-6 


This week we welcome to our pulpit Danny Yancey, worship director at Christ the King Presbyterian. We’re grateful to have him come and bring the Word and please pray for him as he preaches the next text in our sermon series called Love in Motion. He’ll be preaching from 1 John 4:1-6.

July 18, 2021: The One Sin

Speaker: Dr. Ryan Denny 


Passage: Proverbs 16:18 


Pride. It's as old as the fall itself. Listen to this powerful message provided by Dr. Ryan Denny who helps us undertand the nature of pride and how, through God's help, we can overcome it.

July 11, 2021: How you Know Know

Speaker: Pastor Geoff Bradford


Passage: I John 2:28-3:3


This Sunday we get back to our sermon series called Love in Motion, focusing on I John 2:28-3:3. We will be focusing on how current reality (being children of God) and our future reality (made new) influences our journey from today into tomorrow. In other words, our current identity and future hope shape our journey of following.

July 4, 2021: Lavish Love

Speaker: Pastor Mark Knetsch


Passage: I John 2:28-3:3


This Sunday we get back to our sermon series called Love in Motion, focusing on I John 2:28-3:3. We will be focusing on how current reality (being children of God) and our future reality (made new) influences our journey from today into tomorrow. In other words, our current identity and future hope shape our journey of following.

June 28, 2021: Hospitality

Speaker: Pastor Juan Sierra


Passage: 1 Peter 4:8-11


We welcome Pastor Juan Sierra to our pulpit this weekend to bring the word from 


June 20, 2021: Living as Anointed

Speaker: Pastor Mark


This Sunday's message focuses on how Christians are called 'the anointed.' The Apostle John uses this label twice in our passage (I John 2:20&27) to describe the difference between Christians and Anti-Christ(ians). Christians, clearly, are called to a different way of living with the knowledge that Jesus is the Christ today and forever. There is an urgency to John's writing, where he is desperately trying to get his reader's attention, and I hope that that this sense of urgency is clearly communicated this Sunday as we hear and then respond to God's word.


June 13, 2021: All About Jesus

Speaker: Pastor Mark


This Sunday we focus on the person of Jesus, the work of Jesus, and our response to Jesus. It’s a simple message, one that reminds us all of the power of the Gospel and the importance of responding to the Gospel with the right perspective.




June 6, 2021: Christ Centered Fellowship

Speaker: Pastor Mark

This morning we begin a summer series through I John, and I’m excited to see how this will give shape to our community moving forward. Our sermon series on Acts focused on how the Holy Spirit used the early church to go out and preach. It records the nascent beginnings of the church. I John, on the other hand, comes later in church history, where troubles, heresies, and division had already impacted the church. Written between the 70s-90s, the Apostle John wrote this letter in his old age. He brings tremendous wisdom, wit, and urgency to his writing, desperately pointing the church to the Gospel and our response of love to God and others in response. I John reminds the church of the main things to hold on in response to the troubles that lie ahead.



May 31, 2021: Gospel Centered Service

Speaker: Pastor Mark 



Defying and Defining the Divine

Speaker: Pastor Mark

Never Give Up

Speaker: Pastor Mark

Gospel Elements

Speaker: Pastor Mark

God is Stronger

Speaker: Pastor Mark

Christ Alone

Speaker: Pastor Mark


Speaker: Ryan Denny

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